Darian Ehya Graphic Design


  • Cyrus Primary Logo
  • Cyrus Secondary Logo
  • Cyrus Logo on Blue
  • Cyrus - Menu Cover
  • Cyrus - Menu Spread 1
  • Cyrus - Menu Spread 2
  • Cyrus - Menu Spread 3
  • Cyrus - Detail
  • Cyrus Cylinder Detail
  • Cyrus - Takeout Bag
  • Cyrus - Stationery
  • Cyrus - Extended Identity

Cyrus is a fictional Persian restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. With inspiration from traditional Persian architecture and mosaics, as well as from contemporary Iranian graphic designer Homa Delvaray, Cyrus’ identity seeks to show the depth of Persian culture. The main identifier of the restaurant is the Islamic star shape, as well as the Persian arches. The typography of the menu features hand-drawn headline text made to mimic Persian caligraphy.