Darian Ehya Graphic Design

ENGEN - Education for the Next Generation!

This project has received a 2017 American Graphic Design Award from Graphic Design USA and an Award of Excellence from Creative Quarterly.

  • Education for the Next Generation Logo Black
  • Education for the Next Generation Logo Blue
  • Education for the Next Generation Logo Red

ENGEN stands for Education for the Next Generation. For my senior thesis project at Drexel University, I created a campaign for a fictional, grassroots education reform organization that aimed to question why the United States' budget prioritizes war and incarceration over education, inform people what the problems in the education system are and give them ways to get involved in fixing it. The visual style of the campaign references the history of protest and propaganda art.

  • ENGEN Newsletter Cover
  • ENGEN Spread 1
  • ENGEN Spread 2
  • ENGEN Spread 3
  • ENGEN Spread 4
  • ENGEN Spread 5
  • ENGEN Readers
  • ENGEN Detail Shot
  • ENGEN Sign and Shirt
  • Inside the ENGEN protest kit, activists would receive an ENGEN t-shirt, stickers, the seasonal newsletter, and an ENGEN protest sign. The newspaper-style newsletter gives activists information regarding the source of the problems in the education systems, the effects of the school-to-prison pipeline, ways to get involved, and dates for upcoming ENGEN events.

  • Since graduating from Drexel, I have launched an Instagram account for my thesis project in an effort to continue designing in this graphic style while also promoting the goal of better public education in America.