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Book Covers

Created for a student book design project, I experimented with analog and digital techniques and expressive typography for these two book covers.

  • Invisible Man book cover depicting a man wearing an old-timey suit in front of a background of lights. Blurry text reading Invisible Man replaces his head.
  • Back of Invisible Man book cover
  • Invisible Man

    Using photography, found imagery and ephemeral-feeling typography, this book cover for Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison depicts a representation of the main character sitting in his subterranean home. The type replaces the facial features of the figure to represent the lack of personal identity given to African-Americans at the time, a prevelant theme throughout the novel.

  • Price of a Child book cover. Wooden block letters spelling out the book title over a crumpled map of Philadelphia in 1855.
  • Back of Price of a Child book cover. A pen and ink portrait of an African American woman above the synopsis of the book.
  • Price of a Child

    Price of a Child by Lorene Cary is a story of a slave woman who was brought above the Mason Dixon Line by her master. Forced to only bring two of her three children, she experiences haunting memories of the child she left behind. Using wooden block type on a crumpled map of Philadelphia, a key setting in the book, this cover references antebellum era slave auction posters.