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Chamber Event Branding

My first full-time job after graduating from Drexel was as a graphic designer for the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia from April 2018 to July 2020. As a member of the Chamber's award-winning Creative Services department, I was primarily responsible for creating event branding for print and digital platforms.

  • Business Behind Home Plate Invite - Cover on the left and Interior Spread on the right.
  • Next Gen Energy Invite - Cover on the left and interior spread on the right.
  • The Chamber holds about 300 programs and events each year with the mission of cultivating a better business community. Many of these events get their own custom-branded printed invititations and corresponding marketing and day-of materials including web graphics, signage, agendas, and slide presentations. These are my favorite invites I designed for the Chamber, ranging on topics from the business behind baseball to Chile‚Äôs food industry to the future of the energy and healthcare industries in the Greater Philadelphia region.

  • Taste of Chile 2019 Invite Cover
  • Market Smarter Invite Cover
  • PA Legeslative Reception 2019 Invite - Postcard and Bifold versions on the left and reveal panel on the right.
  • Region on the Rise 2019 Invite Cover