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Internship in a Box

This project received a 2019 Philadelphia Graphic Design Award from AIGA.

  • Cover page of the Internship in a Box booklet depicting four diverse college students in Philadelphia. Title: Internship in a Box: An Employer's guide to finding, hiring, and keeping great interns.
  • gif of Internship in a Box progression
  • Internship in a Box

    This project received a 2019 Philadelphia Graphic Design Award from AIGA.

    Internship in a Box is a resource guiding Greater Philadelphia businesses on how to build a great internship program. The graphic style aimed to interpret the title while bridging the branding of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and Campus Philly who partnered to produce this booklet. The halftone effects, dimensionality, iconography, and limited color palette, based on the Chamber's Talent Action Team's already established branding, was carried throughout the publication to provide visual consistency and interest to an otherwise dry subject matter. Photography provided by Campus Philly photographers.

  • Internship in a Box table of contents spread. Intro copy on left side of the page. Table of contents on the right page. Halftone photo of two young women talking on the bottom third of the spread.
  • Internship in a Box spread 2. Getting started info on the left side. Halftone photo of a young man and young woman talking over a clipboard on top half of the spread. Table of the top 10 benefits of internships on the bottom half of the spread
  • Internship in a Box quote spread. Selection & Hiring info on the left page. Box with large quotation marks on the corners and halftone pattern background on the right page.
  • Internship in a Box Resources spread. Resources info on left page. Table of top 5 benefits of paying interns on right page. Faint halftone photo in background.
  • Internship in a Box Onboarding spread. Onboarding info on left page. Halftone photo of young man writing on glass.
  • Detail of halftone photo of two young women talking. Woman on the left is standing and holding a mug. Woman on the right is seated.