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Intercultural Journeys Rebrand

Intercultural Journeys is a non-profit organization in Philadelphia seeking to break down barriers and encourage people to explore other cultures and identities through the power of performance art.

  • Intercultural Journeys primary logo
  • Intercultural Journeys horizontal logo
  • When Intercultural Journeys approached me about their visual rebrand in 2017, they explained their need for the logo to be more representative of the company's mission and personality since people were mistaking their previouse Papyrus logo for a travel agency logo. This "J" mark was developed out of a rough version presented to me to represent the vibrance, movement, and energy one would experience at an IJ concert. The mark was then paired with the humanist sans-serif typeface, Gill Sans, to be bold, modern, and welcoming to the IJ audience.

    To compliment the primary black logo, I developed a new color scheme based on the colors often seen on stage at IJ concerts. The tertiary colors work as a visual metaphor for the interconnection that IJ seeks to create. To unveil the new color scheme, I created these four stickers by extracting the silhouettes of performers from the photos of previous seasons and placing them into the format of the primary logo. The rebrand was complete with a simple stationery package, postcard templates, and brand guidelines to help IJ maintain visual consistency with their new brand.