Darian Ehya Graphic Design Logo

Moore College of Art & Design

In June 2021, I joined Moore's Marketing & Communications team as their Graphic Design & Website Manager. As Moore's only in-house designer, I have worked on a variety of projects from brochures and publications, to posters, merch, digital graphics, signage, and environmental graphics, as well as managing all changes to the College's website. A small sample of some of my favorite projects are shown here.

  • Moore shuttle bus front view featuring Moore's tagline, 'The World Needs Moore. The World Needs You.'
  • Moore shuttle bus shown from the left side parked in front of the College entrance.
  • Moore shuttle bus shown from the right side parked in front of a tree-filled park.
  • Moore shuttle bus shown from the back.
  • Moore Bus Wrap

    This project received a Silver Prize from the Collegiate Advertising Awards and an Inhouse Design Award from GDUSA in 2022​​​​​​​.

    One of my first major projects at Moore was to design a wrap for the College's shuttle bus using the new brand they unveiled in September 2020. To help get the public familiar with Moore's new identity, I focused on the the overlapping circles the brand employs as a metaphor for the interactions between students and professors, the intersection between the College's campus and its location in Philadelphia, and the connections we forge at Moore. The design also highlights the new tagline, "The World Needs Moore. The World Needs You," to bring some positivity to viewers even if they are not the target audience or compelled to apply to Moore.

  • Moore Socially Engaged Art Poster - Russian Constructivist style poster in Moore's navy, teal, and yellow color palette with three art students in action cut out and collaged together on the left side of the poster interacting with the large typography saying, Socially Engaged Art. MFA or MA. Create critical dialogue and action through your art practice.
  • Socially Engaged Art Poster

    When Moore's Office of Admissions asked me to design a poster to promote the College's now discontinued Socially Engaged Art graduate programs, they requested it to be done in a similar style to the constructivist style I used in my college thesis project, ENGEN, to change it up from their general branding. The expressive use of the brand typography and color palette helps keep the poster grounded, while photography of students in action shows the diversity in identities, techniques, and mediums seen in the program.

    These posters were put up in coffee shops and studio spaces around Philadelphia to encourage artists to apply to Moore.

  • National Portfolio Day Philadelphia 2022 Poster - Purple spacey background with cosmic and art elements floating around the composition. Primary copy reads: National Portfolio Day 2022 hosted by Moore College of Art & Design. Sunday, November 6, 12–4 PM, Philadelphia.
  • National Portfolio Day Philly 2022 Poster

    On Sunday, November 6, 2022, Moore hosted the Philadelphia region's National Portfolio Day for high school artists to receive feedback on their portfolios from representatives from dozens of colleges and universities.

    To promote the event, I designed this poster with the idea of the stars aligning for prospective students in the midst of their chaotic college application processes hoping to be accepted into their dream schools. The composition is filled with art materials and concepts students will likely encounter in their foundational art courses floating around as space junk among the cosmos. Adding a metallic treatment to the undulating forms of Velvetyne Type's Pilowlava typeface helped add to the out-of-this-world aura of this poster.