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Tame Impala Gig Poster

This gig poster was designed for an illustration class at Drexel University.

  • Psychadelic Tame Impala gig poster with warped concert info on the top half and halftone image of an elephant woman with repeating background fills the bottom half.
  • Inspired by psychedelic rock posters of the 1960’s, particularly those of Wes Wilson and Victor Moscoso, this gig poster for the band Tame Impala uses vibrating colors and hand-drawn warped text. The location for this fictional concert is an additional homage to the history of the psychadelic movement as original Fillmore in San Francisco was one of the two venues the posters were initially made for.

    Breaking with traditional graphic design, the psychedelic poster artists aspired to create images that would entice viewers to cross the street to get a closer look instead of image that would be a quick read. The vibrating colors and warped text were meant to mimic the effects of an LSD trip.

    Size: 18” x 24”